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Parthenon Total Control

Our integrated traceability system ensures responsible production, reliability and sound management of our production process. We apply a full system of internal and external traceability at producer and plant level.

All our farmers participate in our traceability group observing all the necessary recordings.

At our plant we use the integrated system Parthenon Total Control, an innovative digital platform that fully covers the recording requirements of the traceability system and is certified in accordance with ISO 22005:2007.

Contract farming

A prerequisite for the production of a quality end product of table olives is the high-quality raw material.

For this reason, we very carefully choose the group of t olive farmers with whom we work under contract farming guidelines.

Only experienced growers who love the Greek land and its products, share the same values and dedicate themselves to the preservation of the traditions, that the Georgoudis family has managed to keep for over 100 years, can become part of the farming team.

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high quality standards


We have committed ourselves to the traditional methods of harvesting olives and at the same time we use modern procedures in accordance with the most stringent international established standards of hygiene, quality and food safety:

ISO 22005:2007 (Traceability in food chain)

ISO 22000:2005 (Food safety management systems )

ISO 9001:2015 (Quality management systems)

BRC Global Standards for Food Safety

IFS (Inetrnational Food Standard)


Best practices from the farm to your table