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About This Product

Parthenon olives are tree-ripened, hand picked, naturally cured in light sea salt brine, by age old methods.

They make a perfect snack, add marvelous zest to any salad, are wonderful hors d’ oeuvres and an excellent addition to sauces.

Parthenon, established in 1897, has created a full range of top quality olives and other natural Mediterranean tastes, traditionally prepared without preservatives.

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  • Plastic kegs (PP)  from 1kg up to 13kg
  • Plastic kegs (PPP)  from 1kg up to 2kg
  • Plastic kegs (PET)  from 1kg up to 3kg
  • Tins from 2kg up to 13kg
  • Vaccuum bags from 1kg up to 5kg
  • Pouches from 1kg up to 5kg